Sunday, December 30, 2012

a new journey.

This past year has been filled with definite ups and downs, but one thing that keeps hitting me over the head is to pursue my love of web design. I know this sounds extremely nerdy and shallow, but it's something that I cannot get out of my head. I've been a nerd since I got my first Nintendo, and I remember spending hours and hours learning how to manipulate my grandfather's old DOS computer to play video games so archaic that my students would cackle with laughter. When I learned what HTML was, I dove into it. I learned the basics of font, paragraphing, and some other little tricks. But when I bought my first website, the overwhelming feeling of staring at a blank page, specifically made for my OWN code was completely overwhelming. Ten (or fourteen...who is counting...) years later, proof of my fear of HTML is evident- as my blog title has the word "" in front of it.

Anyways, I just completed my Masters of Education and spent almost five years in education, and while I have learned so much, web design is where my heart is. And I need to follow my heart.

When I opened this year's Christmas gifts, I had opened all of my presents, when I was handed one that I had pushed aside. I opened it, and it was a book that read "HTML and CSS." To most NORMAL 32 year olds women, a blank stare would have followed the unveiling of this book. To me, it was like receiving a bag of diamonds. I know this sounds extremely cheesy and melodramatic, but the older I get, the more I realize how much we, as humans, tend to run from the things that make us the happiest. I don't know why. I don't know why we are so terrified to follow our hearts. Why does what we love give us so much fear? Why do we feel that pursuing our dreams will ultimately end in failure, so we spend our whole lives living in monotony? I don't know.

Today, I begin reading my new book. And I ask you to go on this journey with me. Of learning more about my passion and the exciting world of HTML (I know you're rolling your eyes)! My goal, by the end of 2013, is to have completed a portfolio for web design, as well as done SOME SORT of web design/building for at least two start-up companies.

As tedious as this might sound to you, I need to do this. Better late than never, and I hope we can all learn something from my little journey!

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