Sunday, July 1, 2012

doctor., my instructional assistant emails me back about some things i had asked her about last week. at the end of her email she put, "please do not call me by my first name." unbeknownst to me, TAMMI has her ph.d. now, don't get me wrong. this is a moderately big deal (please note my use of the word "moderately"). that's a lot of school and a lot of work. i get it. that being said, i have friends who are real doctors, who go to medical school. who save lives. on a daily basis. and they let me call them by their first names. let us not forget a ph.d. means, "doctor of philosophy." as important as it is to have philosophers in the world, i have a difficult time taking TAMMI seriously when she asks me not to call her by her first name because she has a higher degree in...well...being philosophical.

oh well. i will concede and call TAMMI by her official title, because i want to maintain my current gpa.

you see, i, too, plan on getting my phd.

but when i do, you can still call me "jenn."

dr. jenn, that is.

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