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"...if her love and acceptance of you is based on a false picture of you-
what the hell is the good of that?"

-carl rogers

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the message in this song is beautiful and heartfelt.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

things i've learned this summer:

1) don't take it for granted. whatever "it" is.
2) some days it's easy and some days it's not. sometimes you remember. sometimes you forget. don't regret what you remember. don't regret forgetting, either.
3) let go.
4) in the end, everyone suffers from the same feelings of inadequacy.
5) if you don't start working towards your dream, right now, it's just another day of wasting your potential.
6) remove metal plates from the bottom of doors.
7) you are in charge of feeling better. no one else.
8) remove yucca plants from backyards.
9) patience is more than just a virtue- it's a skill. to be learned. and it takes a while to develop this skill (30+ years for some of us).
10) the years are going to go by, whether or not you choose to grow or stay stagnant. i choose to grow. or at least, i'm going to try.

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Natalie Portman - Classic Glamour

white interior design

modern white interior design photos

white kitchen design

white interior design house photos

i love this house. a lot.

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i cannot handle this little hedgehog dressed up as dracula. it made my week.


Interior Design Six

how much would you pay to be here right now? i think i'd give my left leg. no offense, jeff.